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Introduction to

Uniquip Engineering

Uniquip is an engineering leader in heat transfer and combustion solutions, and has built up a reputation for innovative and advanced product designs which are now being utilised worldwide. Today, Uniquip continues to build on that reputation for quality by harnessing its extensive resources to be a multi-product company.

Uniquip equipment is extensively used in the following industries: Oil Processing, Natural, LNG & LPG Gas, Fertiliser Production, Petrochemical Production, and Minerals Processing.

Uniquip Engineering designs and supplies a wide range of double pipe and multi hairpin Heat Exchangers and API Fired Heaters through technology licence agreements with Brown FinTube® and Lummus Heat Transfer®.

Design and selection is carried out by Uniquip in house or in conjunction with associated companies. Where applicable, manufacture or unitization is carried out in Australia. However depending on the final destination more suitable sites can be utilized.