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Flare Gas System

Through the technical support of Flaregas Corporation, we design and market flare and other combustion equipment.

We design complete Integrated Flare Systems, including the following

  • Elevated and Ground Flares
  • Grade level and elevated staged matrix flare systems
  • Specialized combustors for Landfill, Sewage, Water treatment plants
  • Packaged automatic loading facility flares
  • Burn Pit Flares, Smokeless, Non-Smokeless and Liquid
  • Smokeless Flares using steam, air, gas assist and high pressure
  • Offshore Sonic Flares
  • Flare Tips
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and fully Automatic Ignition Systems
  • Pilot and Main Flare Flame Failure Panels
  • Water Seals, Gas Seals and Knock-Out Drums
  • Design of Guyed, Self-Supported and Derrick Supported Towers
  • Flaretrim Automatic Steam Control System
  • Flare Gas Recovery Units
  • Complete Relief and Flare Systems Re-Vamps for modernization and Energy Savings