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GKSS Heater

GKSS HTO is an engineering leader in heat transfer and combustion solutions, and has built up a reputation for innovative and advanced product designs. GKSS turnkey packages include the supply of Hot Oil fired heaters, heat exchangers, electric heaters and steam generators.

Uniquip Engineering acquired this business and will continue to build on that reputation for quality by harnessing its extensive resources to be a multi-product company.

The GKSS heater range comes with the following features:

Mark 6A Hot Oil Heater

  • Sizes from 140KW to 5,800KW.
  • Gas fired or dual fuel capability.
  • Modulating control.
  • Preheated combustion air.
  • Build to AS1228 (if required).

The Mk 6A Heater package, skid mounted for easy transport and installation, features;

  • Thoroughly proven RADCO "square helical" free floating furnace coil for turbulent flow, quick heat without stress and strain.
  • Large economiser tube bank underneath the furnace coil for low centre of gravity, safe transportation.
  • Operation up to 350 deg C with suitable thermal fluids and up to 1050 kpa with approval to AS1228 to extra order, if required.
  • Drawbridge rear door for man sized access to all internal parts.
  • Explosion relief port in the roof, well away from personnel zone. Complete safety.
  • Low oil content for fast heat up.
  • Electrical controls and control panel mounted on the heater to provide complete operation of the heater. Isolation, motor protection and starters, oil temperature indication and control, burner management, "Tell Tale" alarm circuitry for No Oil, No Flow, Over temperature, Burner Sequence Failure and motor overloads is included. All heater control circuitry is prewired and tested in our works prior to delivery.
  • Preheated combustion air to increase efficiency by up to 8%.
  • GKSS "Ventura" preheated air, nozzle mix gas burner with fully modulating control, complete with gas train to meet gas authority requirements for gas inlet pressure of 100kpa.

Mark 6A - Specifications:

HEATER: All-tubular radiant and economiser heating surface mounted within insulated steel shell.
BURNER: Fully automatic, for oil or gas, with combustion fan, fuel pump or gas train, filter, electric ignition and electronic flame detector. Forced draught with preheated air or balanced draught.
INSTRUMENTATION: Isolator, motor protection and starters, oil temperature control, indications and protection, burner management, tell-tale alarm circuitry, flow switch, time switch.
CIRCULATOR: Centrifugal HTO Pump set, direct driven by TEFC motor. Mechanical seals - optional.
EXPANSION TANK: Cold seal open vent type with controls and water trap cock.