Our scope of supply for flare systems includes:

  • Elevated and ground flares
  • Grade level and elevated staged matrix flare systems
  • Specialized combustors for landfill, sewage, and water treatment plants
  • Packaged automatic loading facility flares
  • Burn pit flares, smokeless, non-smokeless and liquid flares
  • Smokeless flares using steam, air, gas assist and high pressure
  • Offshore sonic flares
  • Flare tips
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic ignition systems
  • Pilot and main flare flame failure panels
  • Water seals, gas seals and knock-out drums
  • Design of guyed, self-supported and derrick supported towers
  • Flaretrim automatic steam control systems
  • Flare gas recovery units
  • Biogas, syngas and hydrogen flares
  • Complete relief and flare systems, re-vamps for modernisation and energy savings
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