Uniquip’s GKSS range of hot oil heaters have been designed to excel at meeting the needs of industrial clients; emphasising cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, space efficiency, and longevity. Some of these heaters have been successfully operating for 45+ years.

GKSS had been operating and iteratively improving their designs since the 1940s before being acquired by Uniquip in 2012, and Uniquip have continued to build on that reputation for quality and cost-effectiveness for our industrial clients.

The GKSS heater range comes with the following features:

Mark 6A Hot Oil Heater Specifications

  • Sizes from 140 kW to 5,800 kW
  • Skid mounted for easy transport and installation
  • Forced or balanced draught, gas-fired, liquid-fired, or dual fuel capability, with combustion fan, fuel pump or valve train
  • Preheated combustion air
  • Thoroughly proven RADCO “square helical” free floating furnace coil for turbulent flow, quick heat without stress and strain
  • Large economiser tube bank underneath the furnace coil for low centre of gravity, safe transportation
  • Pressure parts built to AS 1210
  • Operation up to 350 °C with suitable thermal fluids
  • Drawbridge rear door for man-sized access to all internal parts
  • Low oil content for fast heat up
  • Insulated steel shell
  • Self-supported stack available to limited heights, optional externally supported stack to meet more arduous requirements
  • Blast cleaned and painted with high-temperature silver paint
  • Optional centrifugal process fluid pump set
  • Control:
    • Complete operation of the heater
    • Burner Management System (BMS), controlling fuel valve train and burner firing rate (ON/OFF, OFF/MIN./HIGH and fully modulating options available)
    • Isolation, motor protection and starters
    • Process fluid low flow detection and interlock
    • Process fluid high temperature detection and interlock
    • Process fluid temperature controller at heater outlet
    • Flue gas high temperature detection and interlock at heater stack (optional)
    • Pressure and temperature gauges for local readings

Uniquip can also provide engineering design services and equipment for the balance of a hot oil system, including process & hydraulic design, pipe stress analysis, expansion tanks, minimum flow bypass lines etc. For more information, see our Hot Oil Systems page.

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