Uniquip has been operating in the process equipment space in Australia since the 1950’s and by combining our significant local experience with world leading technologies we are able to provide solutions to meet all aspects of client’s requirements in the hydrogen space.

Uniquip are able to assist with engineering, design and supply of equipment used to produce, purify or consume hydrogen. We look after all areas such as process, mechanical design, structural design, electrical, instrumentation, hazardous area classification and any other disciplines required.

The production from hydrogen is typically achieved by either electrolysis or steam methane reforming. We can supply turnkey solutions that are compliant to all Australian codes and standards.

There are a great deal of innovative processes emerging to produce hydrogen. However the stream is normally not yet suitable for use. Typically the hydrogen rich streams from these processes would contain CO, CO2, H2S, H2O and N2. Through the use of technologies such as water shift reactors, proprietary catalysts, membranes, amines, molecular sieves and pressure swing absorption, the hydrogen can be purified in a manner fit for the end use, such as in a fuel cell. Biogas production can also lead to streams with similar impurities which need to be removed.

Once purified, hydrogen has a great deal of uses. Uniquip can assist in modifying plants in order to make use of hydrogen streams. Some the areas where we can provide assistance are:

  • Modifying vessels, columns and heat exchangers to handle the varied composition, volume flow rate, pressures and temperatures that arise. We have world class technologies for brownfield modifications of equipment.
  • Process, mechanical and hazardous area reviews
  • Detailed design of plant modifications (piping, instrumentation, controls, process equipment etc.)
  • The direct combustion of hydrogen

If you are currently working in the hydrogen space or are thinking of making the transition, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can facilitate the move towards using greener fuels in your industry

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